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The objectives are three:

- To create a statistical database on the territory of the EGTC.

The intention is to collect all the available information about the territory from reliable sources, as well as the estimation or calculation of other exclusive information, in which the ODT would be the source.

The fundamental unit of information, within the EGTC, will be the municipality, offering the indicators at municipal level, for the 26 municipalities of the EGTC.

- Creating a document center

The ODT will have a documental function. In this sense, in addition to the information system of the database described in the previous section, it will have two sets of contents: the documents of interest about the territory, available for download or linked to sources, and the contact details of public organizations and others of interest.

- To be a center for the promotion of studies and research



The ODT, in addition to the previous functions, will have the capacity to generate and disseminate unpublished information about the territory of the EGTC. In particular, three different fields will be developed

- Estimation of the relevant variables for the territory

- Production of a quarterly newsletter

- Production of reports