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b-solutions: Solving Border Obstacles. A Compendium 2020-2021


When explaining what cross-border legal and administrative obstacles are, I regularly use the analogy of two neighbours: If they live far apart, they do not interact, but they also do not have complaints about each other. While if they live close by, they tend to support each other, or ask for a cup of sugar when baking a cake, but at the same time they face challenges due to the differences in their habits, like loud music at night or a smoky fish barbecue at lunch time. The Cross-Border Review in 2015 has clearly demonstrated this: the more border regions interact, the more they identify those small issues that hinder seamless interaction in cross-border regions. These are frequently due to incompatibilities amongst the two (or 3) applicable legal frameworks, or to the lack of administrative procedures that take into account the specificities that could potentially apply to a cross-border context.


B Solutions Solving Border Obstacles A Compendium 2020 2021
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