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The Río Minho EGTC area gains population since 2020

The evolution in the number of inhabitants in the area presents, since the year 2020, a change of trend.

There is a clear decrease until 2018, but with a slight increase in 2019, which leads us to believe that the decline in population is stagnating, in our opinion due to three interrelated causes:

  • The first would be the economic development of the EGTC area, which would transform production in the primary sector and consolidate the policy of business parks and the attraction of companies, especially in Vila Nova da Cerveira, Valença, O Porriño and Viana do Castelo, and now in Salvaterra and As Neves (with Plisan) and Paredes de Coura, among others.
  • Secondly, due to the departure of people from the cities, and in particular the effect of the metropolitan area of ​​Vigo, with a population that seeks other conditions of space and price compared to the urban core. What happened from 2020, with the effect of the pandemic, may be amplifying this effect.
  • Thirdly, due to the attraction of returnees and immigrants, in turn linked to the two previous phenomena. The economic growth in the EGTC and the housing prices in the center of the cities, will favor the installation of population in the councils of the area.