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Increases the number of companies in the Rio Minho EGTC

There is a clear increase in the number of companies, from 35,393 in 2015 to 37,868 in 2019, which indicates a growing potential until 2019, the last year available for both sides of the Minho.

In addition to this, it is important to know how companies are distributed.

The scheme of companies by large groups of activities existing in the territory is described. In this way, we can know what the productive structure is, and how the EGTC Rio Minho stands in a potential competitiveness, vis-à-vis other regions of Galicia and Portugal.

The image of the newsletter shows the percentage of companies in each activity, in the EGTC area and in the year 2019. It is observed that the largest percentage is concentrated in the commerce sector, which is a traditional specialization in the economic structure of cross-border areas. This is followed by agriculture, livestock, fishing and forestry, that is, companies dedicated to extractable natural resources, which enhances the potential of this territory, partly due to the climate (the temperature, sun and humidity conditions are exceptionally good for much plant production). Also partly due to the presence of the river Minho, its estuary and its tributaries, and the value of the coastline.

Next in number of companies is construction, housing, administrative, education and manufacturing industries