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EGTC Rio Minho creates an observatory to analyze the cross-border socio-economic dynamics of Minho

EGTC Rio Minho, is working on the creation of an Observatory of Transboundary Dynamics (ODT) in the Minho territory. This is a project that will reveal socio-economic information regarding the Galician and Portuguese territory jointly, aiming at the implementation of “successful” initiatives both in terms of public policies and private projects.


The project will have a web support that will be linked to the institutional website of the EGTC, hosting various socio-economic data relating to the territory of the cross-border Minho River. Its objective is to be used by researchers, institutions and entrepreneurial people as a tool to obtain data to analyze the territory and, thus, to adopt public and private policies. This database includes information related, for example, to housing, quality of life, innovation, the business fabric, transport and mobility, employment, training, infrastructure, culture, tourism or the environment.


The Rio MINHO ODT, like all socio-economic observatories, was created to serve scholars, institutions and entrepreneurial people as a tool for obtaining data to analyze the territory and, thus, to be able to adopt successful public and private policies. The Rio Minho ODT is an “indispensable tool” to continue updating the territorial diagnosis of the Minho River Transfrontier Strategy and its Action Plan, currently in the form of project sheets in search of funding.


The ODT is being developed within the scope of the project “Rede support for local dynamics of cooperation in the cross-border Minho river – REDE_LAB_MINHO” co-financed by the Interreg V-A Spain Portugal Program (Activity 2 – Construction and promotion of a network for cooperation and observation of cross-border dynamics). Although the first impulse was given with European funding, it is intended to create a stable cooperation with other entities - via collaboration protocols - that allows it to be maintained over time.


This innovative initiative was presented on the 26th of April to the mayors of the municipal councils and representatives of the municipalities involved.